Alex (skyofbubbles) wrote in manic,

I'm new.

[This was my original message, that I just closed out of because I chickened out posting it. but, maybe I should]

My "depression" probably began in the 6th grade, I was fat, unsociable, awkward, unmotivated, etc... pretty much anything you could not want to be- I was. 

point is I am now a 19 year old sophmore in college- and my once mild depression has turned into me "constantly" hating myself. I always want to die. 

I honestly can't even continue writing this because I feel like every word I type makes me sound like more of a worthless douchebag.

hopefully the people here will be supportive and eventually i can find the help I need.

Nice to meet you. 

Just a thought- even when I'm depressed- I hold everyone I feel needs help on a pedastal. If anyone ever needs anything- feel free to contact me. 
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