bloodred1889 (bloodred1889) wrote in manic,

manic can make you stupid

hay my name is jade
ive recently been diegnosed as bipolar, at first i didnt know what that ment, then they said its manic depression haha i thought manic ment extreme so i thought manic depression ment really depressed.

but it all made sence afer that,

when im low i wont want to do anything, get out of bed or even eat, if i do get out of bed ill just watch tv.
when im manic i do stupid things, really impulsive things like spend my last £5 on somthing stupid when i know i need somthing else.
when i was manic once i stole a bus, in those days they didnt have keys.
ive also suddenly decided to reorganise the whole house and once i delibritly broke my house mates fridge because i thought it was unfair he had his own and the rest of the house had one, so we would buy food that he would eat, but if he bought food it was HIS food.
so i found a way to make the fridge break without it looking like sabotauge.
i turned it upside down and made the liquid pour into the heater.
he didnt know why it broke but now he doasnt have a fridge, i found it really funny for a while but then i got depressed about it.

anyway thats basically me at the moment.
oh yeah once when i was manic it was 3am, me and some friends were drunk and at bournemouth beach and i decided i walk to swanage, which is about 10+ miles away, luckily my friends stopped me.

so yeah thats me, im 21 years old and an art student.
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