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Manic Depression
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Welcome to the Manic Depression LJ Community. This is an open-membership community. You can join and leave as you please and you can start posting as soon as you join. You can choose to join just to read hidden messages or to post.

PLEASE do NOT advertise your community here. This community was created for support, not advertisements!

This community is for Manic Depressive people of all ages, sexes, and colours, who are looking to find people just like them to help cope, so they know they ARN'T alone. Use this place to vent. Stop keeping it all inside.

Issues: If you're having any sort of issue with any posts, comments, or users please post about it here. All comments to this post are screened for your privacy.

If you need any help or just need someone who understands please feel free to get ahold of corthell the journal founder, I know how you all feel, I've been through just about whatever you can think of...

This community opened 4:10am Sunday July 28, 2002.
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